Monday, March 4, 2013

Wielded Weaponry- Part 2

 Blades come in many shapes, sizes, and make. The vary first were made of stone. Even the evolution of stone tools can be broken into stages.

Oldowan tool
Oldowan stone tools were the vary first. They were made by finding a core stone and then hitting it with a hammer stone until flakes came off. They were not vary sharp or wieldable for fighting so they were mostly used for butchering animals already caught.

How to make Oldowan tools.
Acheulean blades had far more cutting surface but were still large and dull, making them an unlikely choice for hunting or war. Their wedge like shape and heft made them better for felling trees.
How to make Acheulean tools.

Mousterian were far smaller, thinner, and sharper. They worked well as knives and hide scrappers.

Mousterian tools
It was not until the Neolithic period that we see blades sharpened on a grind stone.

Metallurgy did not spread everywhere at the same time. When one kingdom gained knowledge a smelted metal, they would guard it well so that they would have an advantage in battle. On top of that, there were also geographic boundaries to how far metal weapons spread. Up until the Age of Exploration, natives in North America, South America, and Australia, as well as many islands still used stone weapons.

Neolithic tools
When one is working with stone, the only sharp weapons that can be made are: arrowheads, spearheads, axeheads, and knives. Obviously, by the fact that they are made of stone, such weapons were not favored. They broke easily, took a lot of time to make (striking rock on rock), required a lot of force to cut anything, and were far from aerodynamic.

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All these weapons were most prominent during the Stone Age (before the Bronze and Iron ages). Usually this age carries with it the connotation of cavemen and Neanderthals (I don't believe that such existed) and because of this many people view the time as a sort of Myth (though they may not say so). As technology was so rudimentary there no written records and so cave paintings are all we have beside the stone tools to tell of human culture during the Stone Age.


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