Saturday, April 27, 2013

Most Popular Post

So I have discovered that the most popular post on this blog is What is That on Your Head?- Part 2, with 81 views the last I checked. I also have figured out that this is because of the picture of Abraham Lincoln wearing a top hat (the most popular search that has brought people to this blog). I wonder if most of those people even read it?

Because of this, I decided I wanted to thank those of you who have actually read most of my posts. Pretty soon I will ask you which series of posts has been your favorite and what you would like to see next.

Up coming: We have at least two more posts in the series, Not so Ritzy Republics, and a new series on Pompeii. After that I will probably continue the series on What is That on Your Head? and Wielded Weaponry.

I am also planning to re-design this blog. I've noticed that the words are a little difficult to read and I want to do something about that once I have enough time to do so.

So thank you to my followers and welcome to the newest follower, Robert Mullin!


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