Tuesday, July 30, 2013

High Heels in the 1700s

Most people think of high heels as exclusively female. Men are ridiculed if they attempt to wear them. Yet, oddly enough, high heels were a part of men's fashion long before women's.

Heels for men were popular in the 1700s through out Europe. Paintings from the period show men with heels much higher than that of the women (though with the amount of skirts the women wore, I would not have wanted heels either).

King Louis XIV
King Louis XVI
These shoes were particularly popular in France with the nobility. King Louis XIV wears heels in this most famous portrait of him, and in most others. However, by the reign of his heir and grandson, King Louis XVI, heels had fallen from favor.

Zoom of Louis XIV heels

 These are some other images of men's heels:


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