Monday, September 9, 2013

Faiths of Charles Towne

Founded in 1670 under England, Charles Towne (now Charleston) was named for King Charles II. By 1696, it had become a thriving port city, diverse in ethnicity and religion. As the fifth largest city in the Colonies until the 1800s, it was also the most welcoming of differing faiths. The large number of faiths and churches earned it the nickname, "Holy City".

Two of the oldest Churches of Charles Towne still meet in Charleston today:

St. Philip's Church: Founded in 1680, the Anglican church still meets, though in a different location.Their first building would have been made of wood and might have resembled the Primitive Baptist Church to the right, built in 1887 in Cades Cove, though I have not been able to find an image of an older church. Below is what St. Philip's looks like today.

First Baptist Church: The First Baptist Church was founded in 1682 in Maine, and then in 1696, 28 members of the congregation immigrated to Charles Towne. To the right is an image provided of the original building on the church website. Below is the current church.

The links provided go to either a church website or  a Charleston tour site.