Mission Plan

I started this blog as a way to summarize information in a way that is interesting and uncomplicated (at least I hope so). History and culture have always been fun for me. In fact, I am majoring in Anthropology (the study of human history and culture) in order to then get a doctorate in Archaeology.

The posts that I write are on something that I already know a bit about. Most of the information will be things I already knew and thus did not need to research for the post. If I do research, I try to link my source to the post so that those who read my post can look at it for themselves. Now, I don't think I would recommend using any of my posts as citations for research papers or such, but if you are learning about things just for fun then... well have fun.

If ever you read something on my blog that you believe I got incorrect, please let me know. I do not want to be giving out false information.

Also, I love feedback. If you liked a post, want more information of something mentioned, or had anything to add to a topic, please leave a comment. I would like to know what is helpful and interesting to my readers so that I can write more on what they like, not just what I thought might be interesting.


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